General Contractors Alliance of Canada

About GCAC

We are Canadian general contractor associations and contractors who champion improved procurement and payment outcomes across the country. We support inclusive review and consideration of the issues focusing on solutions that support the vibrancy and growth of the Canadian construction sector and fair allocation of risk.

We operate in support of general contractors operating under both provincial and federal jurisdictions in dealing with challenging issues which include payment, liens and procurement.

The GCAC welcomes all general contractors interested in supporting our efforts to become members.



To address prompt payment and procurement issues:

  • To be a forum and advocate
  • To address issues related to government policy, legislation and regulations
  • To research issues and develop recommendations that support the effective operation of the Canadian construction industry
  • To provide our best advice to the industry, government and the public
  • To communicate with and educate contractors



Phone Number:

6299 Airport Road Suite 703, Mississauga, ON. Can. L4V 1N3


GCAC Spring 2020 Newsletter

2020-05-28 : Federal

Annual Company Revenue GCAC Membership Fee
Less than $15 million $250
$15 million - $50 million $500
$50 million - $250 million $1,000
Greater than $250 million $5,000

Founding Members